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A Few Thoughts on

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am May 3, 2017

As a skeptic that millennials need another portal, I said I’d withhold judgement until I saw the product. Yesterday, I had a few minutes to take a look at the new It seems the main differentiator is searching by cost. An “All-In Monthly Pricing” module is shown on all property detail pages: As a millennial who hasn’t bought a home yet, I do see value in a clear cost breakdown like this (as long as its accurate). Part of the simplified search is the ability … Read More » Domain Name Transaction

by John E. Miller on 11:52 am September 23, 2011

When you decide to start a webpage, the first thing you select is your domain name. Although you can get domain names for $5-$10 nowadays, it is hard to get the popular domain names that were originally acquired years ago. One example of an incredibly popular domain name is Who in real estate would not want the domain name Well, the domain name has just been sold for significantly more than $5-$10. Believe it or not, popular and desired domain names can go … Read More »

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