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Understanding The Game We’re Playing, in a Real Estate Context

by Drew Meyers on 3:37 pm October 21, 2016

Let’s bring the “understanding the game we’re playing” discussion into the context of a real estate business. The core question is, as a real estate agent or broker or franchise, what game are you really playing? To provide a bit of background to that question, think about what Simon mentioned in terms of the difference between an education summit at Microsoft versus one at Apple. The Microsoft team talked about how to beat Apple. The Apple team talked about how to help teachers teach and help students learn. That’s a … Read More »

Understanding The Game We’re Playing

by Drew Meyers on 4:31 pm October 19, 2016

This is another non real estate tech post. For that, I apologize. Simon Sinek gave a presentation at Creative Mornings worth watching, titled “Understanding the Game We’re Playing”… He talks a bit about the entire next generation that as grown up with social media and instant gratification.Many parents give their kids tablets during road trips because it’s easier than forcing them to interact, as just one example. A big part of the cause is what I call the time suck economy, and the broader “on demand economy”. … Read More »

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