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Conspamulations! The Waning Influence of Static Digital Messaging

by Sam DeBord on 5:19 pm April 13, 2016

Static Digital Messaging - Conspamulations! LinkedIn

I posted an update to my employment profile on LinkedIn recently. Shortly thereafter, I received a nice message from a past work associate: “Congrats on the new role! Hope you’re doing well!” I quickly thanked the sender. Seconds later, another message came through: “Congrats on the new role! Hope you’re doing well!” I shot back another thank you. It seemed odd that two connections would write the exact same phrase in sequence. Then came the third, the tenth, the 50th message. While a few savvy users had edited their … Read More »

The Real Estate Agent Spam Problem is Real

by Drew Meyers on 5:25 pm February 14, 2016

Geek Estate received a visitor the other day from this search term on Google: how to stop unwanted calls from real estate agents I’d say this proves the SPAM problem we’ve discussed here previously (and here) is real.

Do REALTORS think it’s OK to SPAM Now?

by Mike McGee on 9:50 am January 21, 2016

Facebook has recently become replete with countless real estate groups of every stripe. There are tech support groups, online marketing groups, direct mail groups, WordPress groups, video groups and so on, all focusing on the real estate realm. This can be a great resource to brainstorm with others in the industry, hammer out best-practices, find cool tools, etc. But it can also become an annoyance when you just want to see what’s up with your college buddies but your newsfeed ends up inundated with real estate posts. … Read More »

The SPAM Problem. And The "SPAM Dollars" Solution

by Drew Meyers on 9:46 am April 18, 2011

Warning: this is not specific to real estate technology, so if that’s what you’re looking for on this Monday morning, you can browse to the next article. Get to the top of the rankings or link exchange proposal or You have been rewarded with $12,500 SPAM. You all know the drill all too well. Those that know me know I’m a sucker for letting SPAM get to me. Instead of just deleting it, I think about it, write blog posts about it, and wonder why … Read More »

The Anti Comment Spam Manifesto

by Justin Bartlett on 1:04 pm December 30, 2009

No one likes comment spam. Here’s a humorous look at comment spam and a couple of rules to help avoid being a comment spammer. Be nice, this is my first attempt at a whimsical post 😀 Get a gravatar. The field that says “name”, well, that typically is asking for your name. If your name actually is “Buy Cialis”, you must be very, very young and your parents must have a horrible, horrible sense of humor. Join a discussion. Talk about something. “Closet Spam” or … Read More »

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