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TechStars Enters the Real Estate Accelerator Picture with Partnership with Colliers

by Drew Meyers on 10:10 pm January 21, 2018

I’ve written about real estate accelerators before, and even questioned how many of them the industry can support. The real estate accelerator space got a tad more crowded last week. The clear leader in accelerators, Techstars, is partnering with Colliers to launch the Colliers PropTech Accelerator Powered by Techstars. My biggest questions: “Proptech” is a massively broad category encompassing residential sales, rentals, commercial, smart home, and mortgage (among others). How do applicants/portfolio companies play out between commercial (where Colliers can help the most) and the rest of the industry? What strategic distribution … Read More »

The Lingering Incubator/Accelerator Conundrum

by Drew Meyers on 7:30 am April 7, 2015

Real estate is one of the largest consumer tech verticals there is — yet is lacking a major incubator/accelerator for seed stage startups. Joel wrote about this in 2011, as did I (since 2011, I’ve gone through Start-Up Chile so I’m slightly more knowledgeable on the topic of incubators than I was 3 years ago). Going on 4 years later, not much has changed. Yes, there is REach by NAR. But they focus on companies looking to use access to the real estate industry to grow their business. Not those … Read More »

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