I’ve written about real estate accelerators before, and even questioned how many of them the industry can support.

The real estate accelerator space got a tad more crowded last week. The clear leader in accelerators, Techstars, is partnering with Colliers to launch the Colliers PropTech Accelerator Powered by Techstars.

My biggest questions:

  • “Proptech” is a massively broad category encompassing residential sales, rentals, commercial, smart home, and mortgage (among others). How do applicants/portfolio companies play out between commercial (where Colliers can help the most) and the rest of the industry?
  • What strategic distribution can the Techstars-Colliers partnership bring to startups? Money by itself is not enough, what startups really need are sales/distribution.

Founders: The accelerator will run in Q4 2018 in Toronto. Applications open February 19, 2018. Learn more here.