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Show Passion in Your Next Video

by Bryan Bartels on 11:18 am November 1, 2012

Real Estate Video Marketing

If you are like me, you believe that creating video content for your real estate website is important. Videos help build your brand and distinguish your content from the 100’s of other local real estate competitors and videos can help to distinguish your listed properties from the 1000’s of other active listings on the market.  And if you get lucky one of your video masterpieces might even start a viral buzz that will could create crazy SEO benefits for your site and ultimately bring you new … Read More »

Video Email Marketing Made Easy

by Daniel Beer on 6:02 pm September 26, 2012


For the last number of months I have been considering a video email marketing software called BombBomb and I have finally decided to take the plunge.  After having done so much research I thought GEB readers would like to get the cliff notes version of what I learned and why I decided to do this. I originally learned of the service from the Champagne and Parisi team, one of the leading marketers of luxury property in the Boca Raton market. Below is a written interview … Read More »

Another Great Example of Video Marketing

by Drew Meyers on 9:04 pm September 20, 2011

There is a lot to learn from great video marketing. I have another one for you, this one very different from the one linked in the previous sentence. The video was produced by Colliers International, a firm specializing in commercial real estate. What’s the topic of the video? Surprise, surprise — it’s not about them. Instead, it’s about one of their tenants — TrendHunter — which is a very smart strategic decision. The Colliers branding is subtle, but powerful. The message is clear — great companies … Read More »

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