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Tag Archives: work-life balance

Sunday Fun: 7 Words to Describe Yourself

by Drew Meyers on 11:11 am June 14, 2015

Fair warning, this post has nothing at all to do with real estate technology. I read GothamGal’s post this morning about the 7 words you would use to describe yourself. Seems like a great exercise to go through. For me? How about… Loyal, driven, passionate, honest, travel-obsessed, community-minded, curious. What about for you? PS: I posted this on my personal blog as well, but decided to re-post it here to reach a wider (& different) audience.

Lightbulbs, your Business and your Life

by Mike McGee on 5:12 am September 9, 2014

Is that post title cryptic enough for you? What do lightbulbs have to do with real estate? Well, it’s not about LEDs or CFLs, it’s about priorities. Confused? Hopefully I can shed light on the subject. As real estate agents and brokers, we have no shortage of people offering advice to us. Marketing companies harvest our email addresses from our MLS and send us all kinds of “surefire” ways to increase our business. Real estate “coaches” encourage us to prospect more. Market more. Blog more. List more. Sell … Read More »

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