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The Future of the MLS…

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What if…

Buyers didn’t need the MLS to find homes.

Zillow verified agents.

Agent certifications and class hours were posted to a public blockchain.

Zillow added private fields to each listing to indicate commission splits. You know, like the ones in the MLS.

Those private fields were only visible to verified agents.

Closing software received verification and payment from the closing, with a record posted on a public blockchain.

Closing software paid agent commissions directly.

Every time a transaction happened, a record of whether the commissions were paid was posted to a public blockchain.

A review system (only visible to verified agents) existed to bring transparency to bad actors.

What if the MLS is doomed?

PS: I’d love your comments on what else would have to happen in order to make MLS’ obsolete.

More discussion / reading on the topic: Notorious ROB & Inman Coast to Coast FB group.

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