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The Next Generation of Mapping

This may be how the next generation will view Real Estate too. Consider the value of this to someone who is relocating. Will this technology be incorporated to the Virtual Tour in the future? This tutorial of Street View and Google Maps is quite impressive. Check out these driving directions. As the “NOW” generation continues trying to gather information and keep up with all the technology, the “NEXT” generation is active and persistent in creating more of it.

Consumers’ GPS expectations, and “end user” products are all about to change.

Street View and Google Maps

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  • Wowee! I already had it on my “to do” list to make a video showcasing Google street view for my real estate investing readers. Now all I have to do is show them this one — it’s probably 10X better than mine would have been, and about 1/5 as long anyway.

    Awesome video — thanks for pointing it out!


  • I really like it, but it is frustrating clicking the little arrow to move to the next point…an AutoPilot would be awesome…
    or perhaps someone can take the map API and making Driving Direction videos from the street view pictures.
    That would be neat…
    Any developers out there?

  • ip moses – still go for it, I’m sure you’ll bring some interesting and unique nuances to the concept. Would love to see you put something out there.

  • Riverside Homes – I know what you mean, but that little click thing you’re referring to is about 400.00 to remove. It’s called GPS! lol~ I do know what you mean though.. 🙂

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  • Thanks for the Hat Tip, helps feed the kids! 🙂

  • While that’s definitely a cool application of the Street View data, it does scare me to think of people looking at those images while they’re driving somewhere. This gives me cool ideas for how one could dynamically create neighborhood tours for a RE Listing though…

  • Henry – this will probably one day be incorporated into some type of Virtual app that goes right into your windshield of your car! lol~ Scares me too thinking someone may be driving and a bit distracted by this. 🙂 The virtual tour for listings when linked to the actual property will be something else for sure!

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