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Top 5 Free Android Apps for Agents

I’ve been a ridiculous Iphone holdout, predominantly b/c my t-mobile bill is about half what it would be with ATT.  I tried to make the switch to an Android phone last year with the release of the G1, and took the clunky handset back after a couple of weeks trying to learn to love it.  The Mytouch 3G was a HUGE improvement in hardware, and I’ve been really happy with the switch from my Blackberry.

So, with that long winded intro, here are the apps I recommend for any Android device:

1) Google Apps:  Though not technically an “app” as you don’t have to download anything, move your butt over to Google Apps, if you’re not already there.  I manage my email, contacts, calendar, & docs with GA.  It’s successfully ousted Microsoft Office in my world.  It syncs flawlessly & immediately with your Android phone – you simply enter your login info, and you’re rolling.

2) Flashlight:  I’m not even sure which flashlight app I use, as they all do pretty much the same thing…help you find the light switch in an unfamiliar house.

3) Google VoiceUsing a hack I found on Nokia blog, I’m now managing my voicemail with GV.  The transcription isn’t perfect, but it’s useful.  I’m able to sneak a peak at my phone and see what the other client left me on VM while this client is looking around a house.

4) TasKiller: Though they offer a paid version, I’ve found no reason to go beyond free.  Android leaves many apps running after you close out, and your phone can get a bit sluggish.  TasKiller allows you to speed it up.

5) Fatsecret: No one likes a chubby agent!  Fatsecret offers a killer diet/exercise diary that will keep you honest.  Sync it with their online services & add it to your Google start page.  You won’t be able to escape that constant reminder.  This service is so great that I kept waiting (and was prepared to pay for) a subscription fee.  For some reason, it’s 100% free right now.

About Eric Bramlett

Eric Bramlett is the broker of Bramlett Residential & co-founder of Displet, a RETS/IDX search development company. Eric maintains a number of broad and niche market real estate websites in Austin, TX and helps out with sales & product development at Displet.

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  • I am excited about the new lineup of android phones. I am seriously considering dropping my clunky backberry and going with the sholes. Now, if I can just get them to give me one for free

  • Bob Wilson

    Eric, can you expand on this and do a bit of a review of the Android phones? Im with ATT on a BB Bold and getting ready to switch over to Verizon. i know verizon offers or is going to offer Android phones so any advice would be great.

    • Hey Bob –

      My only experiences with the android devices are with the g1 & the mytouch. The g1 was baaaad…..clunky, poor battery life, not enough memory (and I didn't like the slideout keyboard.) I really like the mytouch.

      I run searches for “android phones” pretty often and there are always great reviews there.

  • Hey Eric,

    I was an iPhone hold until about 3 months ago and converted every thing over to apple. I really like their syncing capability. I sometimes go through windows withdrawals so I run a virtual machine on on my mac desktop 😉

    Back on topic:
    I just recently heard about something cool that is coming out in the android operating system. You will be able to hold your phone up and point it in in a direction and will be able to see what is actually down the street.

    catch you later.

    • ericbramlett

      Hey Jeff –

      You're talking about “augmented reality.” There's actually a free app for it called Layar. I've played around with it, but the technology is really immature. It looks like it could become cool in the future as more people add information. The only thing I can't figure out is what the advantage is of pointing to find info, rather than looking at it on a flat screen (which seems more efficient.)

  • Great article Eric, welcome to GEB!

    Google Apps is an incredible suite of web based software. I still use Excel and Word occasionally but Google Docs makes for an awesome way to keep all of your docs in one accessible place. Do you have any real estate specific purposes that you use Google Docs for?

    • I set up a Google spreadsheet w/ a form for agents to easily report apartment leases. Other than that, the only creative way I use docs is as a collaborative tool (by sharing the docs.)

  • Eric,

    I see you're an agent in TX. What are you using there to access the keyboxes? Here, we use the Supra key system and if you don't use your phone, you have to use a separate device to beam an infrared signal to the lockboxes. The only phones with the built-in infrared are Palms (Treo's and Centro's). There are a few other phones you can use, like a Blackberry, but you still have to use a fob, and I hate having extra crap in my pocket.

  • Danielle Culmone

    This was really useful – I thought I was the last iphone hold out on T-Mobile and I am looking to upgrade from my Blackberry, but stay uninvolved with AT&T's bad service. Iphones apparently stopped working properly a few months ago and AT&T customer service has been ridiculous about compensating customers. Will definitely check out the Android.

  • I despise my G1.

    Haven't tried the MyTouch yet.

    • ericbramlett

      The G1 sucks all around. If you like android, check out the mytouch – it's a HUGE improvement. There are a # of new phones coming down the pipe soon, as well.

  • atlantarealestate


    That's a good one. I use my blackberry for a flashlight all the time.

  • Hi,
    WOW,wonderful list.I love google voice.One of the main benefits of Google Voice is that you won't miss the calls you want because you're away from your desk, or can't get reception on your mobile phone.

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