I’ve been a ridiculous Iphone holdout, predominantly b/c my t-mobile bill is about half what it would be with ATT.  I tried to make the switch to an Android phone last year with the release of the G1, and took the clunky handset back after a couple of weeks trying to learn to love it.  The Mytouch 3G was a HUGE improvement in hardware, and I’ve been really happy with the switch from my Blackberry.

So, with that long winded intro, here are the apps I recommend for any Android device:

1) Google Apps:  Though not technically an “app” as you don’t have to download anything, move your butt over to Google Apps, if you’re not already there.  I manage my email, contacts, calendar, & docs with GA.  It’s successfully ousted Microsoft Office in my world.  It syncs flawlessly & immediately with your Android phone – you simply enter your login info, and you’re rolling.

2) Flashlight:  I’m not even sure which flashlight app I use, as they all do pretty much the same thing…help you find the light switch in an unfamiliar house.

3) Google VoiceUsing a hack I found on Nokia blog, I’m now managing my voicemail with GV.  The transcription isn’t perfect, but it’s useful.  I’m able to sneak a peak at my phone and see what the other client left me on VM while this client is looking around a house.

4) TasKiller: Though they offer a paid version, I’ve found no reason to go beyond free.  Android leaves many apps running after you close out, and your phone can get a bit sluggish.  TasKiller allows you to speed it up.

5) Fatsecret: No one likes a chubby agent!  Fatsecret offers a killer diet/exercise diary that will keep you honest.  Sync it with their online services & add it to your Google start page.  You won’t be able to escape that constant reminder.  This service is so great that I kept waiting (and was prepared to pay for) a subscription fee.  For some reason, it’s 100% free right now.