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My toughest competitor is the local Board of Realtors

First they told everyone to remove all branding from photos, which I agree with, but then they said they will put their branding on every photo. So now every new property photo on my website and thousands of other websites promotes their website. This is a fantastic way to drive a ton of traffic from their member’s websites to their website.

The reason they gave was they are trying to track scammers on Craigslist from using the photos, but that is silly because any scammer can take any photo and within a few seconds crop out their logo, which is always at the bottom right.

Then I noticed part of my dues are paying for a huge Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic away from my website and other member’s websites to their website. It seems odd to me I have to help finance my biggest competitor’s ads.

Then when you go to their site they prominently feature the listing agent for each property, which encourages buyers to buy either without using a buyer’s agent, or through a dual agency. Neither scenario is one our board should be encouraging, in my opinion.

Finally, they are exempt from our Realtor Code of Ethics. My other competitors are held to the Realtor Code of Ethics, and if they break them you can file an ethics complaint. However, the local Board of Realtors is exempt from this. They can break the Realtor Code of Ethics at will, and have done so, and there is nothing anyone can do.

They are one tough competitor.

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