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Turn Your Clients into Celebrities Real Estate Blogging with a Spin

Content is King. You have heard it before. If you don’t have good content on your blog, then who will want to read it? My biggest concern when I decided to start a real estate blog was that no one would care. I didn’t want to invest my time in writing only to be the sole reader. When writing a Real Estate blog, there are many different directions
you can take. “Turning Your Clients into Celebrities” happens to be my blog theme of choice. Let’s start with exactly what that means.

Turning Your Clients into Celebrities

When a buyer purchases a new home, more often than not, they are ecstatic. The pride
of their new home and new neighborhood is oozing out of them. Why not bask in their
sunshine by featuring them on your blog? The basic points are as follows:

  1. Write a post about the neighborhood the buyers chose as their home
  2. Feature the buyers and the reasons they chose that neighborhood
  3. Feature a few of their favorite “local spots”

For example, let’s look at first-time homebuyers, Steve and Laura. Steve and Laura
were buying in a Saint Louis neighborhood called Tower Grove South. They loved the
walkability and urban feel of the neighborhood. My blog post entitled “Take a Walk
in Tower Grove South
” started with a short introduction about Steve and Laura and
the reasons they chose their neighborhood. I went on to mention a few great places
that they frequent, including a coffee shop, a farmers market, and a beautiful park. It
was an easy post to write as the buyers gave me the material, and it showcased a
neighborhood in its best light.

Why Take This Approach?

There are several reasons that this approach to blogging is beneficial to you, the Real
Estate agent.

  1. Word of mouth: When buyers are featured online, they love to share with family and friends. Not only will they be sharing the link, but they will be increasing awareness of your name and your credibility.
  2. Local establishments love to be featured: Not only do the buyers love to share good news, but when local establishments find out they have been featured, they love to share it as well. A local restaurant could tweet your blog post out to 1,000+ followers.
  3. SEO: When someone is searching the internet about a certain neighborhood, restaurant, or other local place, your blog post is out there to find. This approach brings in searches about so many topics other than Real Estate.
  4. You are building a collection of referrals for neighborhoods: Buyers ask you, “What is this neighborhood like?” Wouldn’t it be great to tell them to refer to your blog for a real example of why certain buyers chose to live there? I know that I would have loved a resource like that when deciding in which area to buy my home.
  5. You increase your local expertise: When writing about all of these places, you will ultimately learn more about the neighborhoods, adding to your local expertise. Not only that, but it also might get you to try some new places you wouldn’t have otherwise found.

About Hayley Tomazic

Hayley is a Real Estate Agent in St. Louis, MO. She specializes working with first time homebuyers and with St. Louis County's Government, selling their housing stock to low and mid income buyers. She has 8 years experience in Real Estate and is always researching new ways to bring technology into growing her business.

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