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Using QR Codes with dsSearchAgent Mobile

Effective use of QR codes in your marketplace will make you look like a tech-savvy, industry-leading rock star.  Ineffective use, will make you look like a fool.

You only need to understand one principal to direct your QR strategy.  Your end-user, or lead, is using a mobile device.  It is paramount the content you deliver, be mobile format friendly.  Relevancy is a nice bonus.

For many agents, this means a single property website solution offered by an online vendor.  A simple, mobile-friendly landing page with property photos, description and contact information.

If you’re a dsSearchAgent Mobile customer, you’ll be leaving those agents in the dust, starting today.

I’m going to show you how to use QR codes to link people to specific sections of your dsSearchAgent Mobile interface:

  • Individual, Specific Detailed Property Listings
  • Nearby Open Houses
  • Property Search
  • Featured Listings
  • Contact Form
  • & Every Other Section!

Then, I’m going to give you some specific examples of how to use these QR codes in your marketplace and become that rock star that we talked about earlier.

While your competitors are serving up their static, mini landing page solutions, you’ll be delivering 100% relevant, requested content in a fully interactive, mobile interface, loaded with lead capture routines.  Sounds exciting, right?

For my examples below, I’m using Nashville mega-agent Stephanie Crawford’s mobile interface.  I’ll also be using Google Chrome, and you should too. The direct link to Stephanie’s mobile interface demo, is

To start, we need to visit your mobile application in Chrome or Safari.  When you load the site, you’ll automatically be directed to a demo of your mobile interface (figure 1).

dsMobileSearch Agent Home Screen

Figure 1 – Click to Enlarge

The demo interface loads your site within a frameset.  By navigating to our desired content within the demo (page or individual listing), and viewing the source code of the frame, we can determine the unique URL of the page.

It is this URL that we need to capture, and use for our QR code.

Within the demo interface, navigate to the individual listing or site section for which you wish to create a QR code.  Find an area on the page that is void of text or graphics (figure 2, 3, 4 & 5). The RED dot illustrates a safe area on the screen to view the frame source.

dsMobileSearch Agent Home ScreendsMobileSearch Agent Home ScreendsMobileSearch Agent Home ScreendsMobileSearch Agent Home Screen

Figures 2, 3, 4 & 5 – Click to Enlarge

Using your mouse, right-click this section and select ‘View Frame Source’ from options presented (figure 6). If you’re using a Mac and don’t have right-click enabled, click here for step-by-step instructions to enable.

Copy the URL from the browser window (figure 7) and use this to generate your QR code.  That’s all there is to it.  When scanned with a mobile device, the end-user will be properly directed into specific section of your mobile app from where you obtained the URL. Note: Navigating to this URL in Chrome or Safari will redirect you to the main, dsMobileSearch Agent demo screen. You will only be directed to the proper section of your website when accessing the URL on a mobile device.

Figure 7

Here’s the finished output, these QR codes will take you to specific sections of Stephanie’s site when scanned via your mobile device

There are a few ideas that come to mind right away.  For starters, no listing of mine would hit the market absent of a sign rider with DSMobile QR code that links to the individual listing.  I’d seriously consider adding a DSMobile QR code to my open house directional signs that when scanned, shows all of the open houses in the immediate area.

How do you plan to use QR codes with your dsSearchAgent Mobile interface?

About Dominic Morrocco

Dominic Morrocco is a partner and co-founder of M Squared Real Estate, an independent, innovative residential real estate brokerage located in Washington, DC.

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