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The Startup Real Estate Agent

Picking a niche is important. We’ve talked about it here.

Another niche you could focus on?

Being the startup agent.

What go me thinking on this? Aside from being a geek working on a startup myself (Oh Hey World & Horizon), there was an article in PandoDaily on Saturday talking about a Venture Capitalist who wants startups to move to Bend.

Well guess what? All those entrepreneurs moving to Bend — will need agents.


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For those in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boulder, and Chicago — I’ll venture a guess you’re already too late to the startup agent party. But for those in an up-and-coming startup town, like Bend, South Bend, or Miami (and many, many others) — being the startup agent is likely a very real opportunity for someone.

How to start? Get to know the influencers (likely VCs, famous entrepreneurs, tech bloggers) in the local tech scene.

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