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What do Designations Mean to Consumers? Seriously.

I just came across this agent profile. Of course I get the concept of reviews/ratings on agents. What I don’t get is why a consumer would ever care about designations to the point an agent (or web platform) would want to highlight them?


Accredited Greenagent – Residential? Market Value Appraiser – Residential? Senior Real Estate Specialist?

Come again? I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, yet even I don’t have the faintest idea what any of those designations mean.

My advice? If a consumer won’t understand something instantly, never put it on an agent profile in the first place.

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  • Todd Carpenter

    Designations don’t have to mean a thing to consumers. Consumers aren’t the only ones who research agents. Other agents do it for a number of reasons. I do agree that those letters aren’t likely to resonate with a consumer. However, I think has done a great job of displaying/explaining them on their profile pages.

    • Agreed on the integration. But still, none of those designation icons/explanations will be “trusted” by my gut.

  • Anna Rickenbach

    A designation on a profile is not just for consumers – I believe the education and enhanced skills that result from meaningful designations will be noticed by consumers. I think the designation probably means more between professionals. For example, when referring business, I prefer to refer to another agent with the CRS designation and have received referrals because of my specific designations as well. I also highlight the fact that I have a master’s degree in busoness, it sets me apart from other agents. We work hard to earn these designations and degeees, I see no problem highlighting them while keeping in mind actions speak louder than words.

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