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What Does Your City Whisper to You?

Given my own travels and having friends all over the world — I think about “cities” often. When I hear the name of a specific city, I generally think about my experiences while visiting or, if I’ve never been there, people I know who live there (or have told me about their prior visits). Or, perhaps I think about a book or movie that took place there. Maybe its a sports team. The point being that I have a unique perception of what makes a city and its residents unique — based on my own experiences and connections of course.

Tropical MBA published a post that I found interesting, titled “What does your city whisper to you?

I live in Seattle. Thus, my answer (aka whisper)…

Life balance, but mission/purpose matters

I ask you, what does your city (or neighborhood) whisper to you? How are you branding / messaging that whisper to your clients?

PS: On a related note, for those interested in the topic of cities and branding, read my thoughts  on The Coming Shift of Niche Online Communities into Hubs in the Physical World.

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