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What’s the best mapping IDX?

In a subsequent post I plan to do a video review of several of the mapping IDX products out there. You might say that IDX comparisons have been done to death, but I want to specifically focus on the usability aspect of map search products. While most IDX providers include some sort of map interface, I find that many don’t produce they type of intuitive user experience that today’s home buyer seeks. So far I have on my list to review (in no particular order):

  • Diverse Solutions (dsSearchAgent) Mapping IDX
  • REW
  • Onjax
  • RealGeeks
  • SpotOn Connect
  • Placester
  • IDX Broker
  • iHomeFinder
  • iHouseWeb (IDXPro)
  • Showcase IDX
  • 1parkplace (Cirrus IDX)
  • WolfNet (Map Trax)

If there are any other mapping IDX solutions that I missed that you think should be included, please post them in the comments.

About Mike McGee

My wife Tina and I own and operate Intown Elite Real Estate in Atlanta GA. Like most small business owners, I wear many hats. I'm the broker, IT support guy and amateur webmaster, among other things. I run a few websites, including my primary site at, a niche site at covering lake homes near Atlanta, and others.

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  • Mark

    Thanks Mike! I’ve been looking for this type of comparison for a while, and I’m looking forward to watching yours.

  • Analytics show that list view as a primary results page have higher conversion rates into sign ups. That is why we make the primary results a list view and the interactive map available as a second option and a tab they can always click into and use. They can also get back into the list view easily as well plus back to the results.

    many of the map search products are confusing and hard to use. Lead the user down a path and hard to figure out where to go when they get there.

    • Which IDX are you using?

      • Hi Mike, My own.. I was one of the creators of Real Geeks. My website generated 205 sales last year 🙂 all organically..

  • Mike, I understand those are the options for most unless they get something custom.

    On my site we have taken the approach of using the real Google Maps to show listings on.

    Here is a quote from my homepage which I think describes the advantages.

    “Our Google Maps View is on the real Google Maps on Google’s Website and takes up the entire browser window. We do not use a scaled down version in a small box on our site. This gives you all the features that Google Maps offers like Street View, Satellite View, Traffic View, Photos, Directions, Weather, Terrain, and searching around the subject property for schools and shopping.”

    For anyone getting some custom site work done they might think about this approach.

  • Christopher Baldwin

    You may want to look at with Lifestyle Search….

  • Jeff LaCroix

    Hi Mike..Jeff from SpotOn Connect. We are excited to be part of the list. Our map search is part of our latest release. We have some additional updates coming soon. Please let us know when you would like to review and we’ll point you to the latest map search. This should be fun!

  • The new Curaytor sites have interesting maps. I’m just getting mine up and going try

  • Jeff LaCroix

    Hi Mike…sent you an email. Look forward to your reviews.

  • Displet is another IDX Solution you can use w/ WordPress I’ve heard.

  • Displet is another IDX Solution you can use w/ WordPress I’ve heard.

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