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A WordPress Plugin to Pull & Display Zillow Reviews?

Zillow has an API that returns reviews for a specified screen name. They clearly want agents and brokers to use those reviews on their own websites (see their widget here).

We all know a big percentage of agent and broker websites are built with WordPress. I’ll wager a guess I’m not the only one that’s thought there should be an easy way to integrate reviews from Zillow into WordPress. Yet, I looked on the plugin directory – – and didn’t see one.

Thus, I’d like to ask — has anyone built a plugin that makes it easy to pull Zillow reviews using a shortcode and/or a sidebar widget?

If so, please leave a comment with further details or shoot me a note. If not and you’d be interested in using one were it to exist, I’d also love to hear from you (drew at geekestatelabs com).

About Drew Meyers

Founder of Geek Estate Blog / Geek Estate Labs. Zillow Alum. Travel addict & co-founder of Horizon. Social entrepreneurship & microfinance advocate. Fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kiva.

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  • Hi Drew,

    Are you looking for one for Realtors or Mortgage Officers? They use different API’s. Zillow recently updated their API which broke the existing plugin I’d found on GitHub (elvtn_zillow_api.php). I applied for a Zillow PartnerID on behalf of my client (it’s a required parameter by the new API) and I was able to hack up the code from GitHub and got it working. You can see a preview of it on the right hand sidebar here:

    I’m currently looking for a turn key solution for displaying Zillow Realtor Reviews but I’m coming up short. Have you had any luck?

    Ryan McBride, WordPress Website Developer
    Visualize Digital |

    • Realtor client. No luck so far.

    • Jason

      Thanks for sharing Ryan! Any chance you’d be willing to share your fork? (doesn’t look like you forked it on github)

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