We’re trying a new networking approach that we’re calling After Hours. We’ll do it over a Saturday breakfast (this week, October 24th)… yes, you have permission to eat :). The event is for GEM members, but we have room for a few guests.

This weekly meet up is being modeled after a group Jack Burns was involved with in LA that grew to 200 entertainment industry execs, that started with just a few people getting together for breakfast every Saturday morning. Each took a minute to share something interesting, that was not work-related.

That format helps you get to know people on a more personal level. With time, friendships formed. Even 20 years later, members of the LA group still stay in touch.

What are you doing this Saturday at 9 am? Interested in joining? Shoot me an email (drew at geekestatelabs dot com) and a link to your Linkedin profile.