I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the steering committee members for Geek Build 2012.

The steering committee will review all feedback from the Geek Estate community, and make final decisions for the participants sites in Geek Build 2012. The committee will consist of the following individuals:

Next up — we’ll publicize who the participants are who will be building their sites (with the help of the Geek Estate community).

Note: Some of the Geek Build 2012 posts in future will be written by steering committee members and participants — so you’re not stuck reading updates from just me 🙂

Note from the Editor: Not sure what Geek Build 2012 is? It’s building a few real estate websites from scratch publicly with the help of the Geek Estate Community and overseen by an experienced steering committeeRead more about Geek Build 2012 here, or view all posts related to Geek Build 2012 here.

**Geek Build logo designed by Dominic Morrocco at M Squared Real Estate.