Welcome to the 56th edition of the Carnival of Real Estate. Since the authors of GeekEstate Blog are geeks who love technology, I decided the Carnival w/ The Geeks should have both a “geeky” winner and a non-geeky winner. With the great photoshop images that have accompanied the last few carnivals, I knew I also had to try to work some photoshop magic. This is what I came up with. For the photoshop experts out there who make us novices look bad — I’ll do better next time.



We aren’t quite as “geeky” as Napolean but we try to walk the geek walk here at GeekEstate Blog and so we stick to geeky topics. And no, I don’t have Napolean’s haircut or glasses — apparently, I’m more of a cowboy (according to this post). Though they are not all geeky in nature, I have 11 top posts to highlight. Without further adieu, let’s rock n roll!

geekestateicon.JPG Geeky

  1. Benn Rosales has to get the nod for the best “geeky” post for his Quit Yer Yarping & Talk Solutions Already – Raise My Bar by Raising Yours at Realtor Genius. I’m with Benn when he says “the consumer doesn’t want chaos, confusion, a verbal fist fight, or anything like that (they have television for that). They want ideas and solutions- they want to be inspired.” I find blogging provides a relatively easy way to find inspiration (if you look hard enough) because there are so many fantastic writers in the blogosphere who are passionate about what they do.
  2. Cliff Jacobson at WebHomeUSABlog comes in a close second with Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and Your Website. Are Search Ads Coming to Every Real Estate Website Near You?
  3. Oliver Muoto made an excellent argument for the value of Single Property Sites – Dispelling the Myths and Embracing the Benefits! over at vFlyer Blog.
  4. Lani found some inspiration from LifeHacker’s coinage of the term “bacn” and writes Dogs Don’t Know It’s Not Bacon posted at RE Revealed. I must say — I love the term bacn.


  1. David A. Porter at Mortgage Broker Coaching gets the nod for the non-geeky medal by sharing some timely and original thoughts about buying a home in a declining market — Teaching your clients how to buy a home in a declining real estate market.
  2. Douglas Trudeau at Tucson Real Estate Blogs was hot on David’s heels with Are You Crazy, What Do You Mean Range Pricing?. He gives a great perspective about one little-talked about option for home pricing in a slowing market — range pricing.
  3. Jonathan Dalton presents Real Estate Transparency: Deliver or the Public Will posted at Phoenix Arizona Real Estate. Once again, Jonathan delivers a superb article.
  4. I’m not in the mortgage business, but I respect Elia Freedman at Mobile Success for telling the mortgage crisis as he sees it with Consumer Responsibility At Center Of Mortgage Lunacy.
  5. Nigel Swaby wrote How Serious Is This Mortgage Crisis? at Salt Lake Real Estate Blog.
  6. The Silicon Valley Blogger details some ins and outs to how costly pools are, and why he’d rather avoid them as a homeowner, with his Should Your Home Valuation Deserve To Appreciate If You Install A Pool? post at The Digerati Life.
  7. Mary De Luca presents Five Reasons To Use A Buyer Agent When Purchasing New Construction posted at Beltway Ramblings.

And as for the overall Pick of the Week? It’s got to go to Benn Rosales at Realtor Genius for his thoughts regarding raising the blogging bar — Quit Yer Yarping & Talk Solutions Already – Raise My Bar by Raising Yours. Congrats!

Thanks for tuning in! Make sure to tune into next week’s carnival over at Valparaiso Indiana Home Builder – Northwest Indiana.

Photo courtesy of Canada.com