I brought up the Future of Cities topic back in July as a result of attending the Unlikely Allies summit in Seattle (at Impact Hub).

I happened to speak to two people who work for Microsoft’s Civic Tech team today, and came across an announcement by YC’s New Cities initiative caught my attention yesterday, the fact that Ben Huh joined the team. (Ben is a well known entrepreneur from Seattle where I live). You should read Adora Cheung’s post in June here for some context on the questions New Cities is focused on:

  • What should a city optimize for?
  • How should we measure the effectiveness of a city (what are its KPIs)?
  • What values should (or should not) be embedded in a city’s culture?
  • How can cities help more of their residents be happy and reach their potential?
  • How can we encourage a diverse range of people to live and work in the city?
  • How should citizens guide and participate in government?
  • How can we make sure a city is constantly evolving and always open to change?

Real estate brokers and agents have a vested interest in the well being, and growth, of the cities which they serve.


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What does the future of your city look like? Are you involved in the dialogue that’s occurring at the local level?

If you’re an entrepreneur working on something in this realm, I’d love to chat.