[Editor’s note: Originally published in the GEM as a Weekly Radar entry.]

SYMBiHOM is a company in the Bay area that designs prefabricated garage to ADU conversionprefab kits that take less than 4 weeks to install. Based on the garage dimensions, ADUs can be a studio, 1-bedroom, or 2-bedroom living unit with a full bathroom and kitchen. The solution increases workforce housing, homeowner income, multifamily living and aging in place with income. The company plans to scale from 80 conversion kits sold in 2022 to 4,000 in 2026. Interested in investing? They are running a crowd funding campaign here.

Here’s a before/after:

The company’s founder, Rebecca Möller, was the latest guest on the Rethink Real Estate podcast: Listen in to the entire episode here.

Garage to housing conversions is a topic we’ve covered before (GEM members only link). After seeing SYMBiHOM, I’m even more convinced of the opportunities coming down the pipe to bring housing units online.