In October, Brian Rothenberg explained in his post how useful Twitter Search can be for Local Social Media Marketing. I am going to show you how to create a search widget to add to your blog or web site to provide relevant content to your audience.

I will create a Twitter search widget to show Walkscore Tweets for various neighborhoods. I have created these tweets using Twitter API and Walkscore API. Note that I am searching using a Hash Tag (see # sign before the search term), which is more powerful than a simple search.

Twitter Search Widget

Twitter Search Widget Generation

In the above page, customize various settings like colors, widget size and use Test settings button to preview the widget. Once you are satisfied, use Finish & Grab Code to copy the code and paste on your web site or blog. See it in action!

You can also create Twitter Profile Widget to display your most recent Tweets on any web page as shown below.

Twitter Profile Widget

Create Twitter Profile Widget

See it in action!

Try Facebook widget and share your tweets on Facebook.

Get your Twitter button so that visitors to your web site can add your web content to twitter.

Or, show off your follower base using the button from Twitter Counter as shown here.