Most bloggers know blogging (read: good writing) is hard work and consumes a LOT of time. As a blogger who has spent well over a hundred hours creating content for both my blog and the blogs I contribute to on behalf of Zillow, I realize the importance of regularly backing up that content. Don’t let 2008 be the year that a hardware or database failure results in a complete loss of the content you spent hours creating. One option at your disposal is BlogBackupOnline, which is in BETA and gives you 5 megabytes of storage for free. You can learn more about it here.

Don’t worry, I’m guilty too — I don’t backup my blog (but, seriously, this is the year I will).

BlogBackupOnline is most certainly not the only option at your disposal. For you WordPress bloggers, there is all sorts of help content regarding backing up data on WordPress.

[via April Groves at Agent Genius]