If the answer is yes, then you should certainly read this; my entire thought process of how we were thinking about approaching the relocation vertical if we pivoted Oh Hey World.

That said, we’ve officially bagged the idea of pivoting to a relocation scenario. We’re going to stick to focusing on connecting people over shared interests, passions, and communities/groups — via our new community pages.

On that note, if you read this blog regularly, please join the Geek Estate community (note you’ll need to sign in to OHW, then visit the Geek Estate URL & click join).

Update: Interested in finding other Geek Estate community members nearby?

  1. Download Horizon from an iPhone or iPad, and set your lives in city in settings (you can also try our web app)
  2. Enter the group unlock code: geekestate2015

I’ve exported the assets from the relocation prototype for anyone who wishes to look at them at a future date:

If you’re an entrepreneur and interested in this space or already working on it, feel free to schedule something with me if you want to discuss further.