EveryHome, the next iteration of Rebls, is on Product Hunt today. The basic premise is that every home is for sale (hence, the name). I had a chance to take a look at the site, and chat with Bryan Copley, a few weeks ago pre release. At a high level, I’m a big, big fan of the approach – and definitely like this brand & design better than Rebls (the old name). I’ve long been a fan of Make Me Move, which we launched while I worked at Zillow a number of years ago.

Will EveryHome work (aka scale)? As always, the devil’s in the details. The two big questions from my perspective:

  • How to get enough volume of homeowners posting directly to build enough supply to be a viable tool for buyers?
  • Is this different enough (10x better) than Make Me Move, given Zillow already has massive, massive distribution?

What do you think?

PS: If you’re interested in more of the backstory on this, read through the comments on the Product Hunt page for Rebls.