One of the most important aspects of a realtor’s website will always be the call to action. Typically paired up with the “Home Search” function on the same site, the call to action is designed to come at a pivotal moment in the sales funnel in a manner that can help guide potential customers in the appropriate direction. Just saying “Click here to find out more” or some variation, however, isn’t enough to make a long lasting impact. There are a variety of different call to action statements that can compliment a home search for the best possible results.

“Find Open Houses in X Neighborhood”

Even if a customer doesn’t have any idea of the type of home they’re looking for, they likely still have thoughts on the type of area they want to live in. By using a call to action that narrows the focus in that direction, you can casually suggest to the potential customer that the way to live in the area that they want is by using the services that you’re offering.

“Find out why hiring me will make (or save) you money”

Including a call to action statement like this is a great opportunity to link to testimonials from existing clients who you may have either sold or negotiated the purchase of houses for in the past.

“Find the best schools”

One of the most important aspects of the home buying decision for families involves the school district that a home is located in. Many families are willing to choose a home that they may be less than 100% satisfied with so long as the school system is better than average. You can include an email link to a service like and leverage the power of the school districts in your service area to your advantage.

“Find the best home in your price range”

Price is one of the most important considerations that people will make when buying a home, especially if they’re purchasing their first. By not only acknowledging that concern up front but by also assuring the customer that they will be able to find a high quality home for their price, you are giving them the confidence they need to continue with the remainder of the process.

“Buyers: Avoid This Mistake at All Costs”

By linking the above call to action statement to a relevant piece of high quality content, you will go a long way towards establishing your service as a true source of reliable information in the industry. Potential customers will be more likely to hire you for your real estate services if they can get a (free) glimpse of the type of knowledge and expertise that you can provide them.