We’ve now published eight Geek Estate Mastermind founding member interviews; Jennifer Kjellgren, Sep Niakan, Eileen RomitoRyan CoonCaroline Pinal, Joel Leslie, David Harris, and Seth Siegler. The interviews are meant to give you a taste of current business priorities, products and trends to watch in 2018, and what they enjoy about being a Geek Estate Mastermind member.

Our 8th interview is with Rick Orr from RealSavvy (who was featured in a RE Tech Founder interview back in February of 2017).

What is RealSavvy?

RealSavvy is an all-in-1 software platform for Realtors, brokers, and teams that combines our award-winning, collaborative IDX with customizable websites, branded mobile apps, and a fully-integrated predictive CRM. Our software is intended to serve as the operating system for real estate professionals enabling them to compete with the national search portal giants like Zillow and and the well-funded, tech-enabled brokerages like Compass or Redifn.

Our vision is to bring a modern, productivity and marketing platform to a real estate space that has been grossly underserved on the technology front for too long.

How does RealSavvy help Realtors, brokers and teams?

The key differentiator of the RealSavvy platform is how we keep agents and their homebuyers connected throughout the home search cycle. Rich client search analytics and notifications as well as real-time chat functionality ensure agents build and retain momentum from search to close.

What real estate technology trend or product are you most excited about?

Zillow’s success with consumers has been a critical forcing function for brokers, teams and agents to realize that technology is the key to survive and thrive during these changing times. Historically this industry’s tech was really just a bunch of disconnected widgets that didn’t integrate with one another. Today, with brokers pushing their own branded websites and apps – built by companies like RealSavvy – the industry is building data-driven products that help agents be responsive with the right level of context. This creates meaningful conversations that build momentum and increase conversion with less work – something only technology can achieve.

What are two of RealSavvy’s business goals for 2019?

RealSavvy has IDX access to 600+ MLS markets across the country and we’re currently working with a variety of clients nationwide. For 2019, we’re going to hone our focus on 5 key markets: Atlanta, Denver, Miami, LA, and Dallas. We’ll still be working to welcome clients in other markets as well but our key growth strategy will be to expand heavily in those markets.

In addition, we’re continuously enhancing our CRM functionality with rich predictive modeling and expanding our industry-leading real estate APIs. In 2019, our CRM will incorporate more AI features that will alert agents when consumers are in “rising action” moments. We will also continue to add more and more integrations in addition to the key ones we have now such as Salesforce and FollowupBoss.

What do you like about being a Geek Estate member?

I was immediately attracted to the lab-like environment for fellow vendors and industry influencers to come together and experiment with one another’s tech, processes and business models. I’m particularly excited to put RealSavvy front and center with a Seattle-area brokerage to allow this group of experts to contribute to a real-world hackathon – more to come on this front in the coming days and weeks.

[Disclosure: RealSavvy is a strategic sponsor for Geek Estate Blog]

Learn more about Real Savvy

Learn more about Real Savvy

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