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This week’s Geek Estate Mastermind newsletter (#31) talked about the rise of shared living arrangements (co-living and communes).

One of the articles I mention in the Industry Reads portion of the newsletter was A Note on eXp and Margins by Rob Hahn. Great analysis on eXp’s business, which is a traditional agent split revenue model that happens to be “tech-enabled” to save on operational costs. If the “play” is truly a land grab for agents, then my real question is whether they can beat Compass (and their deep pockets) at the recruiting game.

One of the Built World articles I mentioned was Bird Races to Become the First Scooter Unicorn in Bloomberg. Bird, run by the former Lyft and Uber exec Travis VanderZanden, is raising $150 million from Sequoia and others. I’m not sure the “business” and logistics of electric scooters will work out, but if they do, the last mile of transportation will look very different a decade from now than it does today. At least in cities with warm enough climates for scooters to thrive.

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