Since Geek Estate Mastermind Newsletter #32, which was about Hello Alfred, there have been two editions published. The topic of #33 was AccorHotels’ potential investment in Air France-KLM, while #34 talked about how the best locations move people somewhere else (written by Greg Fischer).

#33: Some of you know AccorHotels is the largest hotel group in the world, outside of the United States. Skift ran an article recently talking about the possibility of AccorHotels buying a minority stake in Air France-KLM, an airline with a 14.3% stake currently owned by the French government. The question is why would such an investment make sense for one of the world’s largest hotel brands? A hint: Vertical Integration, Touch Points, and Loyalty.

#34: Greg dug into the idea that the Best Locations in Real Estate Move People Somewhere Else. Bubbling beneath the surface of the intense negotiations with North Korea is a story about real estate development in South Korea centered around the promise of a transcontinental train route that would finally connect the isolated country to China, Russia, and potentially Europe. What does the future hold? Access to where people want to work and play impacts living locations. While today that often means living in the same place, tomorrow it could mean living as far away as possible or on the other side of the tracks.

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