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In this week’s member newsletter (#26), I talk about selling green homes,  a curated green homes search experience, and the broader trend toward sustainability.

In the “Built World reads” section, I highlighted an article in Forbes, Exclusive: Britain’s Co-Living King Has Raised $400m To Take On WeWork In America. The Collective based in the UK is aiming to double in size (Germany and the USA). I continue to be fascinated by WeWork, and the broader competitive landscape in co-living.

I also shared a podcast: This Week in Startups (E813): Wealthfront Andy Rachleff: early Benchmark, $10b+ assets, Risk Parity fee cut, economy. There’s some great advice to heed: “figure out your competitors greatest strength, and turn that strength into their greatest weakness.” (I’ll probably write a future blog post, or entire mastermind newsletter, about this quote)

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