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This week’s member newsletter (#28) talked about branding (a topic I’ve written about in the past): Ryan Coon provided a behind the scenes look at the rebrand of Rentalutions to I touched on the Google Duplex demo, which some of you may have watched already.

In the Industry reads section, I highlighted Agents will have to really start paying for Google Maps in The Real Deal. Mapbox and OpenStreetMap must be salivating at the real estate opportunity Google is presenting them by significantly increasing their pricing. It’s obvious Google Maps is the best product. However, at some point, the price will be prohibitive for technology vendors to continue to support their platform. After all, even if developers would prefer to work with Google Maps, clients are the ones that need to be convinced to pay for it. Luxury real estate sites will likely stay the course, but anything at the middle and lower price points will likely be migrated off Google Maps in short order. Is it time to switch? Yes.

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