Selling real estate is a local game. Buyers in particular want to get a feel for a place. They want to touch, to get a feel for the environment and they want to see themselves not only in a home but in an area.

We know virtual tours and photographs accomplishes two of these tasks. But how  can a local environment be transported on the Internet? After all, we are referring to the WORLD wide web.

How is it possible for buyers to view the surrounding neighborhood?

How can they view the location of :

  • Schools
  • Shopping areas
  • Houses of worship
  • Transportation
  • Post Offices
  • Museums

The answer is  Geo-tagging .

So what is geo-tagging? Geo-tagging is embedding geographical information into your photos or videos. It is assigning an address to  your pictures and videos. It is placing your listing(s) on a map. Immediately you are making the Internet local.

How do I geo-tag?

Simply put –  add a physical address when you upload your picture or video. Geo-tagging, like tagging has its own input area. As you input the address the exact location will be targeted on a map. Suddenly you are making the Internet local. You are bring the listing into someones backyard.  Embed addresses into both  your Flickr and Youtube accounts. Buyers can then see on a map where your listings are  located.

With the click of your mouse your customers can now see where the listing is located. Site visitors now have the ability to have an greater understand and feel for an area. They can now see themselves living in a particular area. Working with buyers  that are new to town ? Consider geo-tagging the homes  and surrounding areas  you are showing your customers.

In the fast pace world of all things Internet and social media there is a way to give a listing that “Home Sweet Home” feeling…geo-tag it!