I have been using a VA (Virtual assistant) in my business since about 2000. It started out with just needing a little extra help for Christmas cards and then a database mail out. It wasn’t until 2003 that it started to become a normal addition to my business life. Since I work from home like most “Geeky Real Estate Agents”, going into the office to delegate duties to my full time assistant would be like creating a full time job for myself. I didn’t really want to be someone’s boss, I just needed some help with a few things to help make my time management more efficient which in turn allows me to do what I love best – selling  real estate. I don’t make money by creating feature sheets or editing pictures I  make money only when I sell real estate.

Working with a VA is really for everyone — whether you are busy or not. If you are on the more busy side, hire more than one. My biggest concern about hiring a full time assistant was that they would be sitting there playing games or on Facebook all day not working while I am paying a wage. With a VA you don’t have that risk because you only pay for the time you use. Your VA is self employed they have an interest to do the best job that they can for you, because they want to keep you as a client. Additionally a Virtual Assistant likely will be higher trained and can jump right in and get to work for you. If you are hiring an exclusive assistant there will be a training period to learn the tasks and software you will want to utilize.

As your business needs grow you may find that using multiple VA’s might be the way to go as they all have their own specialties and skills. I in fact utilize the services of more than one. I have my main VA that works on my blog back end and design (see my Calgary Real Estate Word Press Blog) , mail outs, flyers and seller reports and from time to time she answers my phone when I am away.  Another VA will do follow up calls, cold calls etc. I have a VA for showings that books all showings with the sellers and calls for feedback on listings from the showing agents then compiles showing reports with the data. And finally I use a 4th VA when I get overwhelmed and lose my blog voice to write articles for me from time to time. All 4 of my VA’s specialize in their own niche and are exceptional at what they do and together it is like having a full time assistant, but at a fraction of the cost. Using Virtual Assistants in my business allows me to spend my time either selling more real estate, or simply spending time with my family. I know that when I assign a job it is as good as complete and that gives me a sense of relief.

Are you using a VA (or two or three) yet?