Video, video, video. It’s the hot topic in real estate these days, and it’s popularity and applications will only increase in 2009. Whether you’re shooting a video tour of a property, a community video, or doing a vlog (video blog), video can help you get your message across in ways text can’t.

A future post will cover all the uses for video in real estate, tips for viral video, etc, but todays post is a simple how-to for embedding videos to your blog. Whether you’re posting videos on YouTube, Viddler, WellcomeMat, ZIPVO, or any other popular video site, this video tutorial will show you how to add them to your blog posts.

Here are some screenshots to show you where to find the embed code on some of the popular video sharing websites:

This video tutorial will show you how to take that embed code and add it to your blog post:

View Video Tutorial

And that’s it! It only takes a minute to add video to your posts so start using video today!