In our latest Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Max-Michael Mayer of Propertybase. We’ve covered Propertybase before, and it’s no secret I want someone to solve the CRM problem.

Without wasting anymore time, here’s a bit more about Max-Michael…

What do you do?

Max-Michael MayerI’m the co-founder of Propertybase, a real estate CRM for brokers, franchises, and developers, in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Propertybase is a turnkey solution for real estate businesses to manage their entire real estate business all in one place, built on and powered by Salesforce. Propertybase makes real estate a more collaborative process, and one where information can flow freely within organisations

Why do you do what you do?

I used to work in business consulting for the real estate industry, and  would work with companies whose marketing and sales processes were always incredibly uncollaborative. The last straw was when I was working with a huge client in the property development industry, and he had spent an inordinate amount of money on an TV spot, that starred a big film star. I can’t say which one, of course, but it wasn’t cheap to get him an ad.

Of course, the wave of calls started to roll in once the ad aired. The call centre was logging the calls on paper, or in spreadsheets, and sending the information to the third party sellers, brokers and other involved… It quickly turned into a huge mess of information silos and lost deals. It drove me so crazy, I set out to fix this incredibly common information infrastructure problem myself. I found a technical co-founder in Michael Wenglein, and three years into our startup, we’re one of the leading CRMs for real estate!

What are you most excited about right now?

The growth we are experiencing! It feels like only a moment ago, we were shipping Propertybase into the market, and now our software is changing the businesses of customers in over 35 countries. My team and their enthusiasm makes me extremely excited and energized.

Our product has grown by leaps and bounds, and we’re only just scratching the surface of the beast that is CRM for real estate.

With so many new entrants in our space, we really love to see the real estate tech scene coming so far in such a short time. We’re proud to be a part of the trend to bring intuitive, useful tech to real estate.

What’s next for you?

The next step for Propertybase is to focus on how to hone our experience, and make it even more intuitive.  We have some big changes coming on the horizon, and we have some big plans for 2014 that we can’t wait to unveil to our users, and the rest of the real estate community soon!

What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

Propertybase tries to foster the tech community wherever we are. I’m passionate about creating a conducive environment for tech meetups, wherever our offices are located. We were the main sponsor for Rails Girls Munich last year, and it was an inspiring and eye opening experience, that helped us give back to the community we so enjoy being a part of as a tech company. Sponsoring the learning of developers, and creating opportunities for more women to enter into the STEM fields has become a passion for all of us. It’s not only mutually beneficial, but also incredibly educational for any of us who aren’t programmers.

Thanks to Max-Michael for sharing his motivations and current projects. If you’re interested in connecting with Max-Michael further, you can find him on Oh Hey World and LinkedIn.

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