I’m happy to announce Mike Price is taking over as managing editor of Geek Estate Blog. Mike is certainly no stranger to Geek Estate — he’s been with Geek Estate since the beginning as a contributing author, acted as the managing editor in 2010 while working for Zillow after I departed for the travel trail, and remained a supporter through thick and thin ever since.

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a travel startup, Oh Hey World, for the past 6-7 months full time (and another 4 part time before that). I’m not going to become a total stranger (I have two awesome posts in the works actually), but you will see less and less of me here as we launch and grow Oh Hey World later this year. To be among the first to be notified when the site is ready, you can request an early invite code here.

I’m confident Mike will give Geek Estate the attention and direction it needs to thrive again. For those that don’t know him, Mike will be reaching out to all the contributors here over the next few weeks to introduce himself. Any questions about the handoff – shoot me an email at drew at ohheyworld.

Onward to an awesome 2013…