I spoke with Jerry at Nestigator while I was in San Francisco a couple weeks ago. Their stated value proposition:


Nestigator lets you build your home searching dream team with your family, friends, and agent so your home search can be a breeze.

A more social search experience. I discussed this topic with a friend in Seattle looking for a home over breakfast a few weeks prior to my conversation with Jerry. He actually doesn’t want his agent privy to his conversations with his wife. Granted, his agent doesn’t really know the area he’s looking in to offer much advice (and my friend just views the agent as the person to do the paperwork once they decide on a home), so maybe he’s an edge case.

I get the agent side of the equation in terms of having more knowledge about what their clients are discussing. In terms of the consumer side, I’m not convinced of the “win” yet. As I learned myself, marketplaces in which only one side thinks there is a problem are very tough businesses to grow.

For the agents/brokers out there, I’m curious your thoughts — do you believe your clients want a more collaborative search experience? Do you feel you could add value for your clients by being part of the discussion?