I’ve met many of the real estate bloggers I read on a daily basis at prior conferences, but there were still a few that alluded me — until yesterday. Andy, Brad, Maureen, Benn and Lani, and Magnus (who is now a guest author here on GEB) are some of the bloggers I can now associate a real face with thanks to the great networking at RE Bar Camp.

The conference seemed to be a bit disorganized at the beginning, but everyone got it together and broke out into separate tracts around 11. The first session I attended was run by Tae Woo from RedMol and we discussed “foreclosure 2.0”. Lots of interesting & new information and tools available in that space.

I had lunch with the Active Rain crew and finally got to meet fellow Geek Estate contributor Brad Andersohn.

MyTechBase is a new product coming out from the folks at MyTechOpinion. One session discussed the concept of a place for real estate professionals to review and learn about new products, gadgets, and web tools. Personally, I love the concept — it’s actually something I looked at doing as an extension of the Geek Estate brand, but never got the time to implement it. Props to the MyTechOpinion team for their follow through with implementing the concept.

Though I had to duck out a bit early, the mortgage session was fantastic. Lots of discussion on RateSpeed and the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.

Those who answered Daniel’s call for background information (on time) were even awarded trading cards.

All in all, it was a fun day filled with lots of socializing and geeky stuff. I’m certainly looking forward to the next RE Bar Camp!

Update: I second Mike’s thoughts.