Fenway Park Over at the official Google Maps API blog, there’s an announcement that Google’s Street View functionality is now accessible programmatically via an API (that’s Application Programming Interface, for those who either didn’t know or just took that acronym for granted). What this means for agents, brokers, and vendors is that applications can now be created that tie directly into the pictures taken by those van-mounted cameras that drive around.

Because I’m employed by an IDX vendor, most of the ideas I’m coming up with as I think this through have to do with enhancing the way consumers search for properties. However, there’s plenty of other great ideas out there on how this could be used for real estate professionals. I encourage you to check out the demo on the blog post or in their street view demo gallery.

What other ideas are out there? Have you thought of something really great that you’d love to see this new functionality used for? If you do have a good idea and you post it below, I’ll might be able to whip up another quick mashup (see Building a Simple Mashup in 24 Hours) for y’all.