I’ve spent the last 2 years working on an early stage technology startup outside of the real estate industry, Oh Hey World, as well as working on several consulting projects within the industry (including Props) — and certainly have learned a few things about the various phases tech startups go through in the process.

As the entrepreneurs reading know or will know soon (for those working on their first startup as I type), there are multiple phases to creating, building, and bringing a new product to market…

  1. Problem Identification (which I’ve already written on)
  2. Industry Expertise & Idea Formation
  3. Customer Exploration
  4. Concept Validation – low fidelity wireframe to pass the “I get it” test (you can use Proto.io)
  5. Design mock ups
  6. Interaction design (beyond crucial for mobile apps)
  7. Fundraising (depends on the makeup of your team as to where in the process this comes into play)
  8. Development
  9. Beta Test
  10. Ship it!

Which phases are you getting stuck in? Any specific questions you want answers to?