As the next step on our mission to help Geek Estate Mastermind members build wildly successful real estate companies, we launched something new: a category product review of companies in a particular industry space.

The goal is to help generate ideas, analyze what’s working, figure out what’s not, map the landscape, and to illuminate what opportunities might exist.

We’re taking an optimistic, yet thorough perspective. Our goal isn’t to cover every single product. It’s to observe, examine, and question the market from an objective and strategic lens.

With more than twenty broad categories that define the real estate technology landscape (see here for residential and here for commercial), we’re aiming for a panoramic view that includes a mix of direct and indirect competitors and even some of the players on the edges of any given topic. We’ll conclude the reviews by comparing and contrasting the offerings, covering big takeaways, asking questions, and suggesting improvements.

The first industry segment we chose is small landlord property management software. The 5 products we’re reviewing as part of the first series are Zumper Pro (member), Airbnb, Avail (member), Zillow Rental Manager (member), and Cozy.

We recently released Part III (Zumper) and Part IV (Airbnb), and are working on Avail now. Given we’re deep in research mode as we speak and Ryan Coon (co-founder & CEO) is a founding member of the Geek Estate Mastermind, we thought it worth sharing Avail’s latest milestone: 100,000 landlords using their platform (press release below).

We’ll publish Avail’s review soon (for members) followed by Zillow Rental Manager, and finally ending with Cozy before putting together the conclusions. Particularly if you’re a founder or executive at a company playing in the property management software space, we’d love to have you join us in the Mastermind.

Avail Reaches 100,000 Landlords and Establishes Itself as Largest Online Rental Platform for Independent Landlords

Sets sights on future growth and new features

CHICAGO, Illinois, Jan. 2, 2018 — Avail, an online rental platform, rang in the New Year by surpassing 100,000 landlord users, nearly doubling their user base from this time last year. As user growth accelerates, Avail is setting its sights on aggressive signup goals in the next 18 months, while planning new features.

“It’s incredible to see the landlord growth we achieved in 2018,” said Avail Co-founder, Ryan Coon. “We’re providing significant value to landlords who have historically been ignored and that’s resonating with them.”

Avail is establishing itself as the premier destination for do-it-yourself landlords seeking digital tools to improve their rental businesses. Avail offers a suite of tools for independent landlords that aims to be the only rental software they will ever need.

Despite the fact that Avail is the largest platform serving this market, the team is just getting started. They have ambitious plans to roll out at least four new features in 2019, including a feature that enables the fastest payment processing in the industry and another that increases on-time rent payments by providing incentives to tenants.

“Our team is comprised of innovators who are passionate about the problems we’re solving. We will continue to push the envelope and create unparalleled solutions in 2019,” said Co-founder, Laurence Jankelow.

About Avail:
Avail is creating a community of responsible landlords and trustworthy renters by arming them with the resources required to make renting easy. More than 350,000 tenants and landlords across the U.S. use Avail to save time and money through simplifying and automating the entire rental process, including listings, tenant screening, leases, payments, and maintenance.

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