track-lead-activityI spent a few hours yesterday going through an in depth demo of the Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions platform.  I thought the GEB community would like to hear my thoughts in case anyone here is considering them for their web platform.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that it is a complete start to finish platform involved.  That includes lead capture, integrated IDX, Single Property Websites integrated right into site, search widgets for your existing WP sites, a comprehensive CRM, Drip System, and a full transaction management system.   In my opinion it is the transaction management system that makes this company shine.  They do this better than most of the alternatives in the marketplace.  I will discuss that and some of my other favorite features below.

Transaction Management Features that Impressed

I was really impressed with everything this system does.  You can request electronic signatures right from the backend, you can track where the document is and who is due to touch it, and as the team lead or broker you can figure out where paper work is at any given time on a transaction.

The system comes with pre-loaded work flows that are integrated right into the calendar, which you can edit and expand on to meet the requirements of different file types.  For example, you can have one set up for short sales and one for traditional sales.  Perhaps you also create one for vacant land and another for multi-unit properties.  You get the point. 

The included file storage is also extremely convenient.

Single Property Websites

I was particularly impressed with this aspect of the Quicksilver Solution because it is something that is missing with most other systems.  As an agent, it is frustrating that when you build a single property website you are typically pushing that traffic somewhere that either does not capture information or that captures it into a different CRM than the one you run your business from.  That is solved with Quicksilver because it is fully integrated with your main site and CRM.   Also, you can buy the domain name for the single property website right through the backend and you don’t have to pay extra hosting fees for the site.  Love that.

Drip System

I’m not going to get too deep into the drip system here but I wanted to point out something that I thought was fantastic.  Their drips are set up so that you can roll people from one into another.  So for example, You may have a drip set up for people that are 12 months from buying, 6 months from buying, 3 months from buying, or ready now.  With Quicksilver you can place somebody into the 6 month drip and at the 3 month mark it will roll them into the three month drip.  But what that allows you to do is stick somebody directly into the three month drip.  This allows you to only write your drip emails once.  Get it?

You can learn more about them on their website.  Worth a look if you are the type that likes to keep up with new developments in the world of IDX and CRM systems for agents.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with this company or get compensated for this review.  These are simply my thoughts and I am sharing them with you!