I read Brian’s “The Real Estate Moment” blog post this morning…

Pepsi created meaning around sugar water.

Imagine what we could do with Homeownership.

What cultural moment could a real estate brand seize upon to create a new connection with people?

Who might be bold enough to call out our industry’s past breaches of trust to create trust?

When will so many real estate marketers stop talking about millennials long enough to start speaking more meaningfully to everyone?

How can more real estate advertisers move beyond the imagery of homecomings, backyard barbeques and high-dollar perfection? Can’t homeownership be both aspirational and real?

Who’s gonna break out a move like Pepsi?

…and wanted to riff on it.

You know what’s real & aspirational?


You know where “community” is built?

In the home.

Co-living is a growing movement. Mobile lifestyles. Hosting on AirBnB – or Horizon :). Home exchanges. Co-working (see here). Dinner gatherings. A desire not to get sucked into the time suck economy (aka a life lived through your screen). Real, genuine connection.

Community in the home.

We bring community home.

Community and homes are two of the three topics I’ve spent the majority of my professional life thinking about (the 3rd would be travel). I believe there’s a real opportunity to create an aspirational real estate brand by blending them together. Happy to chat with anyone seriously going down that path.