I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen from RealScout.

Some of you may have watched the interview with Bob Goldberg, conducted by RealScout’s CEO, Andrew Flachner (see his founder interview from 2014 here). If not, head over to Facebook and watch it here.

The fact Andrew and new NAR CEO, Bob Goldberg, spent an hour talking is a very, very good sign for RealScout. The fact that the conversation was published is an even better sign for the company.

I still believe IDX and real estate search are going away (for many, not all). It’s simply going to be too expensive to compete on traffic (aka client) acquisition with Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin.

I agree; network effects is indeed the only way to future proof a brokerage.

It goes without saying NAR would be a fantastic partner on the industry outreach side. If I were NAR, I’d think very strong and hard about making a strategic investment into RealScout.

What do you think about the future prospects for RealScout? (I’m especially curious to hear from those who currently use RealScout’s product).