Congratulations to my good friend Dale Chumbley for blogging for 365 days straight; I think it’s safe to say his 365 Things to Do in Vancouver campaign has paid off for him (today is Day 365). Here’s a short video interview with Dean Ouellette at

This just goes to show — showing up day in, day out is what it takes to succeed with blogging. I know there are dozens and dozens of real estate agents who have started the “365 Things to Do in [Insert City name]” tactic. But how many have followed through day in, day out? I’m guessing not many. If there are other agents who haven’t missed a day since they started, I’d love it if you could leave links to their sites in the comments.

If you want to succeed with blogging as a client acquisition channel, you have to show up consistently. You can’t set up a blog, write 5 posts, and expect to have clients pounding down your door.