Over the last three months or so I have had the privilege of getting to know a sharp Manhattan Beach Real Estate agent named Greg Geilman. Interestingly, we met half way across the country, where he showed me the amazing things he has done with video.  Within a few moments I knew I was dealing with a true professional that is going to make a dent in his local market for years to come.

Greg taught me the power of video.  Take a look at his agent spotlight video by scrolling down a bit on his home page and then continue reading this post.

Ok now close your mouth and get rid of those star struck eyes.  Yes, what you just witnessed is a perfect cocktail of amazing, inspiring, and class.  As a chaser you can feel free to view his first class testimonial videos.

The videos communicate so much.  He is detail oriented, that he cares about his clients, that he is taking steps to set himself apart, that he is a good listener, that he is a local, and that he knows how to treat this real estate thing like a business.  That last point being what truly sets successful agents apart.

As a result of his videos, and of course the fact that he is actually an excellent Realtor, Greg has received referrals from agents across the country in addition to those that roll in for him on a regular basis from his clients.

The power of video can be far beyond what most of us imagine.  You just have to dare be different and to put a bit more love, time, and money into your work.  I know I am behind the ball when it comes to video, which is why I am thankful to Greg for inspiring me to step up.  What do you think?