The Blueprint Sessions is a podcast for exceptional founders of exceptional startups that are disrupting the real estate industry.

The goal is to provide a space for real estate startup founders to tell their stories to those who most need to hear them – potential investors, business partners, and forward-looking industry influencers. Besides the financials and the strategy, we’ll explore the human stories of the incredible entrepreneurs who are creating the future.

As a reminder, the podcast panelists are:

  • Rob Hahn, Managing Partner, 7DS Associates
  • Albert Hahn, ex-startup founder and ex-Head of Google for Startups Korea (who also happens to be Rob’s brother)
  • Lynette Keyowski, Managing Partner of REACH Canada, NAR’s accelerator arm.

After Bryan Copley from CityBldr served as the inaugural guest, Episode 2 featured Brian Gaudio from Module, Emir Dukic from Rabbu was the guest for Episode 3. I’ve written at length about my bullishness for the property management sector (see our prop mgmt software series summary here), and Rabbu hits two trends I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years. First, the blending of property management across short-term rentals, monthly rentals/sublets, and long-term rentals, and second, that agents will have to become wealth managers to stay relevant.

Without further ado, listen/watch Episode 3


If you’re a founder looking to be profiled in a future episode, please apply for the GEM.